Benefits of Vitamin D in 310 Shakes

It is not difficult to choose meal replacement shakes when you know why the ingredients are so important. There is much more to a healthy product than its calorie content. Whether you are starting a weight loss diet or want better health without losing weight, you will benefit from Vitamin D in 310 shakes.

What Vitamin D Can Do for Your Health

One role of Vitamin D is to help your body absorb other nutrients. When you consume food or supplements containing zinc, magnesium, phosphate, iron, or calcium, Vitamin D helps these minerals work more effectively.

Because of its relationship to calcium, especially, Vitamin D keeps your bones and teeth strong and healthy. You are less likely to experience tooth decay, and it can reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis as you grow older. While women have a higher risk of thinning, weakening bones, older men can also develop bone issues.

Vitamin D boosts your immune system, and helps you resist illness. With sufficient Vitamin D, you will reduce your risk of developing the flu and other infections.

This vitamin can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Your risk of a heart attack is 50% higher if you experience Vitamin D deficiency. Individuals with the vitamin deficiency are more likely to die if they do have heart attacks. In addition to lowering your risk of a heart attack, this vitamin can reduce your risk of high blood pressure and strokes.

You can have a lower risk of autoimmune diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and Type 1 diabetes are common examples.

Vitamin D in 310 Shakes

Health Benefits From Vitamin D Make it an Essential Nutrient

Sources of Vitamin D

One problem you may encounter is not many foods provide an adequate supply of this vitamin. Foods that are naturally plentiful in Vitamin D are some fish and seafood. Some of the best sources are wild salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel, halibut, tuna, oysters, and shrimp. Farmed salmon contains Vitamin D, but not as much as wild salmon. You can also obtain the vitamin from cod liver oil.

Eggs from pasture-raised chickens, and wild mushrooms that grow outdoors are delicious sources of Vitamin D. If you prefer mushrooms that are grown indoors, they will only provide a useful supply of the vitamin if they have been exposed to UV light.

As few foods are naturally rich in Vitamin D, you can also choose products that are enriched with the vitamin. Read labels to see if the cow’s milk, soy milk, orange juice, oatmeal, and cold cereals you buy are Vitamin D fortified.

Food is not the only source of this important vitamin. You can also obtain Vitamin D from sunlight. Whenever you go outdoors to enjoy a sunny day, your body is absorbing the vitamin. However, there are some facts to keep in mind. First, you may be aware of the dangers of too much exposure to sunlight. You do not want to increase the healthy vitamin in your body by increasing your risk of skin cancer.

Second, not everyone processes the Vitamin D from sunlight the same way. It is not as useful for older individuals, and people with darker skin tones. The effectiveness of sunlight is also reduced when you use sunblock to protect your skin.

For all of these reasons, consider 310 shakes with Vitamin D. Continue to eat foods that are rich in this vitamin, and exercise caution when obtaining it from sunlight. 310 shakes provide all the health benefits of Vitamin D, and there are no health risks from the shakes.

Meal Replacement Shakes for Your Health

The health benefits of Vitamin D can be found in all of these sources. Enjoy natural sunlight in moderation, and include vitamin-rich foods in your daily diet.

Most foods containing Vitamin D are relatively low in calories, but meal replacement shakes have only 90 calories. If you want to be sure you have enough of the vitamin every day, replace one or two meals with shakes.


With 310 shakes, you can have a low-calorie meal. Not only are they nutritious, they taste great, too. When you plan to shed unwanted pounds and body fat, make shakes a part of your overall weight loss program. You will have Vitamin D for good health, and you will lose weight.

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