Vega One Shake Review: All-in-One Nutritional Shake

Despite hundreds of diet books and celebrity weight loss tips, most of the people still have a weight problem. However, there are tons of fraudulent weight loss products out there so the consumer is reminded to always stay alert and keep their health in check. In this article, you will be able to learn about weight loss supplement that has grown so popular among its user for its wonderful results: The Vega One Nutritional Shake.

About the Company

The Vega company was started through a partnership of Brendan Brazier; a professional triathlete and Charles Chang; the CEO of Sequel Naturals. Brendan approached Chang who brought up the idea of a plant-based all-inclusive nutritional shake.

The company was established in the year 2001in Burnaby when the partners finally released their first product named Whole Food Health Optimizer’. Vega has since then never looked back and it currently boasts of a wide range of products. The products are available in a supplement, shakes, and powder forms.

In 2015, the founding owners of Vega agreed to sell the company to the White Wave Food Company based in Denver.

What is Vega One Shake?

One of the most common products from Vega Company is the Vega One shake. This is plant-based meal replacement powder that is mixed with water to improve dieters’ quality of life and to help them reduce body weight. Its ingredients are purely plant-based proteins.

Vega One Ingredients

You can always find the Vega one shake ingredients in the products ingredient labels. It is a product of all natural ingredients that include;

Sacha Inchi Protein

Sacha inchi (Plukenetia Volubilis) is a popular plant from the rainforest in Peru that produces large edible seed which are rich in fatty acids, protein, omega -3,-6 and -9, fiber , and vitamins A and E. There are several health benefits attachéd to Sacha Inchi protein including assisting in weight loss and improving digestion.

Hemp Protein

Hemp is a valuable source of proteins, fatty acids, and dietary fiber. It contains protein that is similar to the proteins produced in the human body. It produces amino acids in the correct proportions to make the human body synthesis the quantity of protein it requires. Hemp contains globulins and albumin (most common types of proteins in our bodies) more than any other plant.

Pea Starch

Pea starch is derived from yellow peas. The starch makes up to 40%. The native form of pea starch is a white powder which neutral both in taste and color. Some of the medical benefits of pea starch are that it aids weight loss and boosts body immunity.

Canadian Flax Seed

Canadian flax seed contains omega 3 and fatty acid lignans, and fiber. In fact for every tablespoon of flax seen there is 1.8grams of omega-3. Scientific studies have linked plant-based alpha-linolenic acid which mostly an omega 3 fatty acid to heart health benefits and reducing the risk of stroke.

Chlorella Vulgaris

This is single-celled green algae widely considered a superfood. It is believed to increase the production of bacteria that is beneficial to the digestive system. It contains vitamins, omega-3 fats, and antioxidants.

Pea Protein

Pea protein is derived from yellow peas. It contains the branch-chained amino acid which is aids in decreasing muscle breakdown after body exercise. It is also a weight loss product because of its ability to suppress appetite, regulates the blood sugar level and increases body metabolism

Organic Broccoli

Organic broccoli is a green vegetable like that is well-known for several health benefits. It helps reduce body cholesterol levels, helps in body detoxification, improves digestion among others. Other available ingredients in the Vega one shake are, Organic Acacia Gum, Kale, Marine Algae, Dried Fruit and Vegetable Mix, Insulin from Chicory Roots and Organic Gelatinized Maca Root.

Vega One Nutritional Shake

Vega One Shake Flavors

Vega one is currently available in 7 different flavors;

Chocolate, French vanilla, mocha flavor, Vanilla Chai, coconut almond, natural flavor, and berry flavor

Vega One Shake Benefits

Vega One shake may contain several organic ingredients but it is yet to be certified as an organic meal supplement. Evidence from Vega one reviews has indicated that there is continuous use of this product. However, there are mixed reactions to its health benefit.

Vega one is in most case consumed together with the Vega one Protein. This organic food replacement contains healthy ingredients like Pea protein, Canadian Flaxseed, Hemp protein and Sacha Inchi protein which make it a great source of dietary fiber and a valuable digestive product.

Some customers who have posted Vega on reviews sighting that the product has failed in being an all-around source of amino acids.

The company has in the past claimed the 7-gram fiber in the Vega one nutritional shake is good enough for satiating the stomach and surprising appetite thereby making a good prescription for weight loss.

Vega One Shake Side Effects

Users have associated certain side effects to Vega one protein food replacement. Some of the effects include; headaches, bloating, gas, frequent washroom visits, painful vomiting, food poisoning, and abdominal muscle cramps.


Many potential users have one question lingering on their minds; should they buy Vega One Nutritional Shake? Well, that is a question that might be very difficult to answer. Vega one products have all along shown us two contrasting faces. The first face is that we read a lot about the great nutritional benefits that come from the Vega One ingredients.

The second face is rather scary; we come across several negative reviews about the product. We also see this dark past when the products got contaminated and had to be recalled. One thing we are sure of is that while some people prefer other alternatives, some still continue to use Vega one protein Powder.

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