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The Weird Reason Some People Are Allergic to Fruits and Veggies


Do you experience an itchy sensation in your mouth after eating fruits or vegetables? Well, there have been some studies which link the increase in food allergies with exposure to particular pesticides over time. However, it is very uncommon to experience a true allergic reaction to the pesticides that can be leftover on fruits and vegetables.

Allergies can vary drastically thus, there is no problem with trying certified organic produce which does not contain synthetic pesticides. This will help you understand the problem better.

What if organic doesn’t help?

If even after consuming organic produce you still feel allergic, it may happen that you are allergic to fruits and vegetables themselves. Some people suffer from what we call oral allergy syndrome, which means they get reactions to certain proteins found in some fruits and vegetables.

So, which fruits can cause allergies?

There are fruits like bananas, avocados, kiwis and some more that can cause cross-reactions in people who are allergic to latex, which is an allergy which a person may not be sure about. People who are allergic to birch, ragweed or grass pollens may react to things like hazelnut, peaches, celery, sunflower seed and zucchini.

Testing the allergy

To determine the protein causing cross reactions, an allergist will conduct some skin or blood tests. This will help you know which foods to stay away from. In some people, the symptoms occur only during allergy season or in some cases people can comfortable eat an apple pie but even a single bite of fresh apple can make the symptoms occur. This is happens because cooking can break down the cross-reaction causing proteins.

Ignoring symptoms can be dangerous

Although itchiness may seem to be a minor symptom of an allergy, you must mention it to your doctor so that it does not trigger more complications and you stay away from the foods that are causing it. Even a mild reaction in the past can lead to anaphylaxis, which is a dangerous type of reaction that can cause significant drop in blood pressure and constricted airways.

So, now that you know the reason, visit your allergist to avoid further complications.

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