Shrimp and Coconut Curry with Rice Noodles Recipe

Soooooo good.

AnonymousNew York09/27/17

It only takes a minute to copy a recipe and paste it into a Word document. Then file logically in your own recipe file. Too much paper laying around the kitchen!
Can I use curry powder instead of paste for a milder version?

AnonymousHaddonfield, NJ09/27/17

I second, third and fourth the request to make the recipes printable. If I can’t print them or save them to “my recipe box”, your website is not useful to me. Please and thank you!


I totally support the requests for printable recipes!


I totally agree that a printable version would be appreciated


PLEASE make these recipes printable!!!


I have made this easy curry dupish ipoften. Its a big hit , even serve over Jasmine Rice.
Also, green curry paste works as well. And , I would also recommend this sauce on top of a roasted salmon .

AnonymousNew Jersey09/26/17

I am looking forward to making this! Do you have any recommendations on green curry pastes? I’ve never bought a jarred paste and would love to know which brands are best!

sophie rubinBoston, MA09/25/17

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