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Uncovering the Secrets of 310 MCT Oil and 310 Shake

When it comes to finding the best meal replacement, there are always different courts of opinion, as not everybody reacts to the same products in the same way. That’s why this article will provide a breakdown on some of the options on the market today.

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Most Americans use one or more dietary supplements on a daily basis, whether those are vitamins, minerals or other products. But what are they? These are manufactured products that are made with the intent to supplement the diet, by adding nutrients to it and increasing the quality of it.

The 310 Shake is marketed as one of the best meal replacement options for everyone. The company aims high and advertises as a weight loss aid, as well as an option that will keep you healthy. Their website suggests that the meals are rich in protein, vitamins, and other nutrients at only 90 calories.

The 310 MCT Oil is a different type of supplement, which consists of special types of saturated fats the body uses. It is said to satiate hunger, aid in weight loss, boosts brain power and the immune system, as well as help digestion.


MCT Oil is a supplement that is actually a concentrated source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). The body uses these saturated fats differently than those of a long-chain variety. Products like coconut oil and palm kernel oil are naturally rich in MCTs, and dairy products also contain them.

When things are broken down, we see that there are four types of MCTs: C6, C8, C10, and C10. Taking all four and isolating them in one product is how MCT Oil is made. The 310 MCT Oil is made primarily out of coconut oil.

The 310 Shake has a Tri-Plex Protein Formulation to ensure optimal intake of proteins. The ingredients of the mix are Pea Protein Powder (that activates hormones which suppress hunger), Brown Rice Protein (used to lower fat and cholesterol), and the Hemp Protein (the increase of metabolism rate, a supply of Omega fatty acids).

Apart from the special formulation, the 310 shakes have an optimal fiber bland that should boost your digestion, as well as probiotics and a variety of vitamins and minerals. That’s the last one is actually a bit of an issue, as the 310 shakes have 30% more than the recommended daily dose, which doesn’t make much sense, especially considering that the body just flushes everything it doesn’t need out.


Using 310 MCT Oil as a dietary supplement has proven to be a great weight loss tool. The oil is rich and it satiates hunger, while also boosting your metabolism rate and aiding digestion. Additionally, it boosts the immune system, because saturated fats fight bacteria and viruses. This oil is also good for your heart, as research shows it protects it.

The use of 310 Shakes has some advantages of its own. Research shows that protein shakes are a much more effective weight loss tool than any diet that simply limited the calorie intake. The special formulation of the 310 ensures that the body has enough fiber and protein to preserve muscle and boost digestion, as well as enough probiotics to keep the stomach healthy.


Taking more than the recommended daily dosage of the 310 MCT Oil can become the cause of an upset stomach and the oil itself can be a bit on the pricey side. There are also some low-quality products on the market, so be sure to get your oil from a trusted seller.

While effective in helping weight loss, the fact that the 310 Shakes contain 30% more than the recommended daily dosage of vitamins and minerals can be worrying and is a bit of a disadvantage. The fact that you would need to replace an entire meal with a 310 Shake can also be considered to be less than ideal. But since this is the case with all meal replacements, it can’t be ranked too high on the complaint list.

Customer Reviews

The 310 MCT Oil has some pretty good reviews, with the only complaint being that it is a bit high in calorie count. Most customers are pretty big fans of the product. Reporting faster and better metabolism rates and an improved weight loss journey.

The 310 Shakes have overall positive reviews, with the favorite flavor being the Vanilla. While the other two Vanilla Whey and Vanilla Chai are less popular. There are some reports of the favor being less than splendid, but it does seem to do the job for the most part.


310 has a series of products aimed at providing the best possible meal replacement. Keeping the body healthy and fit. They’re definitely a solid choice and their 310 Shakes and 310 MCT Oils show promising results so far. It excels as both a weight loss tool and a simple digestive and metabolism rate. And if you can’t decide between the two products, you can always opt for a combination.


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