Easy Martial Arts Disciplines to Learn

Martial art is something that many people want to do. Maybe you have wanted to try karate lessons as a kid but never had the opportunity, or perhaps you’re fascinated by the various martial arts weapons, such as nunchaku or knives.

Or maybe you just want to practice those basic self-defense moves. Should you have an interest in learning martial arts, this guide has got you.

Is It Possible To Begin Martial Arts Training At Home?

If you’ve always wanted to learn martial arts, I’ve got some wonderful news for you! Yes, you may begin martial arts training from the comfort of your own house. Another concern is whether you can do it successfully. Training at home is not a smart idea if you intend to be an elite MMA fighter or boxer.

Most martial arts have a kind of fighting. If you intend to be good in self-defense or any other thing, you will need a skillful sparring partner.

Even though you can start practicing at home, it doesn’t mean it has to be a forever setting. You’ll see more strides if you hear from a professional. You won’t achieve your true capacity as a boxer until you have an excellent trainer to offer guidance and insight.

You’ll need the assistance of a certified professional to aid you in improving your form and learn specialized skills.

Why the Martial Arts Matter?

Life skills are extremely valuable, particularly for children. Focus, empathy, honesty, humility, and restraints are principles and attitudes shaped by martial arts. Students of all ages will learn greatly from developing these abilities through Martial Arts in a healthy atmosphere.

However, there are other compelling reasons, such as the following:


The majority of people want to learn martial arts for this cause. It doesn’t matter which martial art you study because almost every form will teach you self-defense. Martial arts teach you how to protect yourself and to learn about it in a manner that helps you predict and escape possible threats.

Martial arts training will also enable you to develop the reflexes you’ll need if you find yourself in a risky situation and the courage to defend yourself and strike back if necessary.


Your morale will soar as you gain proficiency in your chosen martial arts style. You will gain self-assurance and confidence. This is useful not just for the type of art you are learning but also for when you’re not in the gym.

In fact, learning any type of Martial Art does not only make you happy with yourself but also reasonably confident in difficult circumstances, as we discussed earlier.


Martial arts performance is the physical embodiment of the adage that ” Practice is key to perfection.” As such, a person can perform a single skill or a set of similar movements dozens of times in a traditional Martial Arts class. And that shows you that development occurs as a result of incremental gains in technique and endurance. Endless repetition is required to master a particular skill set or trait.

These techniques are not just there to aid you in the Martial Arts field. They are quite practical in non-affiliated Martial Arts life. Martial arts often instill in you the discipline and dedication to training even though you don’t feel like it. Additionally, the very essence of Martial Arts is to be modest and disciplined. Remember, no real martial artist seeks out brutality.

Gender Equality

The other wonderful thing concerning Martial Arts is that almost everyone can do it! And so to speak, ladies and men in all demographics are included. Other martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can humble you when it comes to advanced belts, regardless of whether you face lady or agent, young or old.

This is also beneficial for families who wish their children to participate in martial arts. Many parents wish their children could compete in the same sport, and martial arts provide the opportunity. Martial arts are one of the few “games” that both boys and girls can enjoy.

Also, Martial Arts harmonizes different individuals regardless of gender. It further allows them to train as a team while also learning from each other.

Weight Loss and Health

Warm-up footwork drills, instruction from coaches, and practice movements are all part of a traditional martial arts lesson. Sparring and other athletic exercises are used in more specialized courses.

However, warm-ups and advanced drills eat up the majority of the preparation time, with stretches and cardio coming in at the end.

Nonetheless, each martial arts lesson is different and hinging on the art you learn; this could be more serious. Every martial arts lesson is different, and hinging on the art you learn could be more serious. Nothing beats a good old-fashioned Martial Arts exercise.

Martial arts are far more intense than sports like basketball and soccer since they require the inherent “fight or flight” instinct. When opposed to anything like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, most sports do not require the exclusive use of any body part. Still, Martial arts may involve the most intense exercise of your life that works on your weight.

Personal Growth

Martial arts feature on top of physically taxing activities available. Lots of Martial Arts instruction pushes people out of their usual environment and teaches them how to cope with mistakes. Still, it emphasizes feedback while also improving dynamic skills.

Additionally, training isn’t always pleasant; it coerces you to do things you’d rather avoid. It exposes you to circumstances that help you develop your character.
Martial Arts possess the amazing potential to take people outside of their comfort zones and into places they never want to go but need to go to learn. And anyone would think to see this to be insane.

But, it’s the martial arts endurance, hard work, and commitment that helps you develop a good personality.

Man Training for Martial Arts to kid

Easy Martial Arts Disciplines to Learn


Even though karate is vast, it can be learned for either self-defense or simply as an art. Additionally, featuring on top of martial arts for beginners, karate can be practiced by both children and older adults. Also, it’s one of the safest forms of martial arts.

Karate is common among people of all ages. For any student to be good, discipline always necessitates the use of the proper technique. Both theory and experience are important. Martial arts perceive karate to be extremely adaptable and simple to master. Still, extremely useful as a means of self-defense if performed correctly.

It’s an art that involves punching. Categorically, straight punches and combo strike. Still, there is kicking that comprises the circular and front snap kicks. However, to develop endurance, one will need a sparring partner.

It’s, therefore, good martial art for beginners for two or more people. Additionally, sparring teaches students how to switch from one karate step to the next.

Balance, agility, and strength are important in karate. However, there are other basic stances that are essential practices and can be mastered quickly. This comprises the ready posture, motion stance, front and back stance are among them. Concisely, stances involve foot positioning and readiness to engage.

Basic Boxing

When it comes to martial arts for beginners, simple boxing is still a good option. It is possible to participate in the sport without a partner. Students strive to become more agile as they grow, and trainees also know their power potential. Further, only gloves are used for boxing, but preparation can be done without them. With much likeness to karate stances, basic boxing also uses stances and posture.

A proper combat posture is the source of all strength. When throwing simple punches, a strong stance is also critical for keeping balance. Finally, with continuous training experience, becomes your teacher. As such, you can set days to work on your power punches, foot works, and movement. Again, what makes boxing great is that it’s a universal art. It’s therefore not difficult to find a boxing training gym within your area.

Still, there are days where you will choose to spar or train on yourself. On the other hand, if you are to take boxing as your martial art workout at home, you can check the MMA guide. It comes in handy when looking for the best combos to incorporate into your repertoire.

Muay Thai

In the scope of martial arts for beginners, Muay Thai is what you will absolutely love. With it’s your whole body is your weapon. Muay Thai provides perhaps the most inexperienced students with useful self-defense techniques. Also, sparring matters in any martial art. Thus, getting a partner to practice with is a must. Other elements, however, can be learned independently.

Further, any Muay Thai trainee needs to have boxing gloves and a heavy punching bag. Also, knee pads are specifically meant for Muay Thai art comes in handy. Sufficed to say, it involves knee strikes, punches, and kicks. Knee blows, punch. If the student trains, these movements become easier to execute.

Should you be willing to start out Muay Thai, you will have to find a Muay Thai gym within your residential area. You’ll be shocked to learn that there are plenty than you expect. Still, almost every Mixed Martial Arts gym offers at least one Muay Thai lesson.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Jiu-Jitsu is a strong martial art intended to give a smaller warrior enough physical strength to protect against a monstrous enemy. When Jiu-Jitsu is done in solitude, it can be impossible to predict responses. A partner assists the pupil in determining if the right skill is being used or not.

Students in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu learn surface combat tactics as well as stand-up maneuvers. To beat the larger opponent, learners use chokes such as the hangman’s noose or triangle lock. Still, joint-locks distortions, leg takedowns come in handy. A spouse is required to practice these basic strategies.

Further, if you want to be an MMA fighter, Bazilian jiu-jitsu is a must-have tool in your repertoire. Nearly every single MMA fighter has received some kind of Brazilian jiu-jitsu training. Many of the defense tactics learned in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are very effective in real-life situations.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu has attracted increasing attention in recent years, and finding its academy isn’t a drudgery. Jiu-Jitsu schools come in all shapes and sizes. With the mats, some may have ten or more Black Belts. And the Purple Belt goes for the trainer.

Despite you being a starter, learning martial arts for beginners from a purple belt will suffice. Remember, the more skills your mentor has, the greater.

Many Jiu-Jitsu academies, including boxing gyms, give at least a complimentary lesson to prospective learners. Thus, you should always check their calendar and attend a beginner class appropriate for joining white belts.

Krav Maga

The Israeli Defense Forces created it to be used in real-life war scenarios. It teaches real-life situations such as suppressing an attacker in conjunction with punches, kicks and throws. In your training exercises, you’ll see rubber knives and weapons, but they are unreal.

Krav Maga is a mixed martial art that incorporates Muay Thai, wrestling, judo, fencing, and fight preparation. Krav Maga aims to inflict enough damage on the opponent so that the battle can be ended easily.

For home practice, you will need boxing gloves, a weighty punching bag, and a hanger, as well as Muay Thai shin guards. Krav Maga training provides students with essential self-defense skills.

Krav Maga programs emphasize taking a good defensive posture, practicing punches. Still, it involves evasive moves such as escaping headlocks and falling with minimal damage if whacked to the ground. And you also get to protect yourself from bear hugs, chokes, or headlocks.

Lastly, inasmuch as it’s a martial art for beginners, you can’t practice it at home. Unless if you are trained by a professional, and you have a practical sparring partner.


MMA stands for “Mixed Martial Arts. It has recently gained attention. Many of the martial arts, as discussed earlier, are combined in MMA. Thus, it gives the fighter a diverse range of styles and tactics to use. MMA can be used in various scenarios, including judo circumstances, stand-up combat, ground-and-pound, wrestling.

It’s incredible to consider that any martial art you opt for comes along with a set of upsides and downsides in a real war. And there is no such thing as a “perfect” martial art technique or practitioner, which is one reason why MMA is so common. Still, MMA is good if you have the notion of being an MMA fighter. However, it’s also best for self-defense, and it shows the variety of skills you got.

Because MMA encompasses all martial arts, all you have to do is master different striking skills from what you have learned. You’ll get the best out of your MMA training if you have a good degree of general cardio and fitness. Again, to your advantage, there are plenty of MMA gyms out there.

Final Thoughts

In any era, practicing martial arts is reasonably the most beneficial thing you can do. Knowing the discipline is almost as vital as comprehending the cultural principles possessed by martial arts. Still, it’s incredible to consider that an individual across the globe invented an art style practiced by thousands today.

And that we also have the opportunity to practice too many new forms and tactics that have been handed down for generations. All credit to the advances in martial arts.

Whatever martial art you pick from this series, put your heart and soul into it every day. Always be respectful to the teachers who impart their experience to you. Value your classmates too, who are, at the end of each lesson, attempting to master the art.

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