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How Mama June Lose Weight Within A Short Period

Being overweight is affecting many people’s day to day lives. If you are one of them, you may have heard people saying that losing weight is the way to go. Unfortunately, even if you know how to lose weight, finding the motivation and inspiration to actually achieve that goal can be another story. Whether you’ve been trying to weigh less on the scale for many years or a few months, Mama June weight loss before and after transformation can get you motivated to start losing weight without any hassle. Early this year, she finally unveiled her remarkable weight loss journey live on TV. She shared her story on how she dropped to size 4 from size 12 in just 11 months.  

Who is Mama June? 

Popularly known by many of her fans as Mama June, June Shannon is a celebrated reality TV star. She became popular thanks to her role on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, an American reality TV show revolving around the life of her young beautiful daughter named Honey Boo Boo. The reality television series which was aired on TCL received a lot of negative reviews from fans and critics. Some of them criticized Mama June saying that her overweight body made her looks ugly. Others accused her by saying that she was responsible for her daughter’s overweight body. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was aired for only 4 seasons before it was pulled off the air by TCL.  

June Shannon was not disappointed by that move instead she started her own reality TV show known as Mama June: From Not to Hot. The show highlights Mama June weight loss before and after journey. In those episodes, she shares the challenges and obstacles she underwent while trying to achieve weight loss.  

What Motivated Her to Start Weight Loss Journey? 

One of the reasons that motivated her to start her weight loss journey was the break-up with her husband. She wanted to make her husband jealous on his wedding day. She also wanted to change the way many of her fans and critic thought about her family. Together with many controversial family issues which plagued her life, she resolved to change her way of life and lead a healthy life. In fact, losing as much weight as she could become her immediate objective. 

How Does Her Body Physique Look at the Moment? 

Mama June’s overweight body is not the case anymore. Recently, she appears much leaner than you would have thought. In fact, Mama June weight loss before and after story has mesmerized many weight loss enthusiasts across the world. In fact, everyone is curious to find out how she managed to lose several pounds of weight within a short period.  

Mama June weight loss

How Did She Achieve the Results? 

Weight Loss Supplements

This was the main component of her weight loss plan. She particularly used Phenofen, powerful weight loss tablets designed using a powerful, scientifically driven weight loss formula. These tablets which make the body to burn through fat are an effective and safe solution for all weight loss enthusiasts. 

Complete Diet Change

She realized that one of her mistakes was lack of control when it came to the type of foods she consumed. She created a complete meal plan by incorporating healthier meals and letting go the favorite foods which caused her to add a lot of weight. For instance, she increased the consumption of healthy fats and carbohydrate during the day and gradually lowered the consumption of unhealthy fats and fad diets. 

Cutting Out Diet Shakes

One of her greatest undoings was the belief she had about diet shakes. She thought that by incorporating diet shakes and protein in her diet would hasten her weight loss. She later found out that these kinds of foods contain extra fats and sugars. 

Eating Larger Meal Portions for Breakfast 

Mama June also realized that avoiding larger meal portions during breakfast reduces the need for regular snacking throughout the day.  


Mama June also contacted Natasha Fett who helped her create a strict workout regimen. The workout regime encouraged more biking and walking something which she could do without any hassle. 


Mama June also underwent several surgeries whereby at least 80 percent of her stomach was removed. The surgical procedure greatly reduced the size of food she would consume.Mama June weight loss before and after photos are incredible to watch. The recent report reveals that she would love her overweight daughter Alana Thompson to follow in her footsteps. Alana, however, says that she loves to embrace her curves and she wouldn’t want to change her routine for anything.

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