Isagenix Shakes Review: What You Need to Know

Have you been so uncomfortable with your body weight and wondering how to obtain that your desired and admirable body size and weight? You need to worry anymore as ISAGENIX is here to take care of your worries. We are here to guide you and understand about Isagenix Shakes.

Isagenix is a trusted health company that focuses on manufacturing and selling of nutritional health care products and supplements. Due to the ever-changing social and environmental status of the human society; polluted air, the surge in non-organic foods, chemically altered and grown plants. There is a need for our bodies to be given the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and in optimal condition as we strive to attain our goals and targets in life. Isagenix products expertly fill this niche with their range of unique products from nutritional supplements to weight loss shakes to personal care products.

What Are Isagenix Shakes?

Isagenix shakes are meal replacement products; they are a high concentration of scientifically extracted natural nutrients.

Based on individual needs be it weight loss, muscle building, weight gain, anti-oxidation, etc. different individuals can take different shakes which are a concentration of different nutrients to suit their individual needs.

How Does Isagenix Shakes Work?

It has different shakes for different results, but generally, they work by following an exacting routine, normally accompanied with other Isagenix products the plan is to replace a set number of meals with the shake in a day for a set number of days to achieve the required result.

For the Isagenix diet for instance which is geared towards weight loss, it consists of shakes, tonics, snacks, and supplements all which are produced by Isagenix. For the 30-day weight loss system, for example, there are shake days and cleanse days, On shake days two meals are replaced with the shake and the third meal is a strict menu, approved snacks from Isagenix can also be eaten all aimed at achieving the desired calorie count while nourishing your body with healthy nutrients.

In a week one or two days is recommended for cleansing which involves abstinence from meals but rather isagenix life drink and approved snacks are consumed four times for that day, and at the end of the 30 days dieters will experience a considerable and healthy loss in weight.

Isagenix Shakes

Products Details Of Isagenix Shakes

Here are some of Isagenix products-

Amped Hydrate Sticks

IT contains Vitamins minerals, sugar and electrolytes in a powder form, it is to be mixed with water for consumption. Flavors: lemon-lime, refreshing grape, and Juicy Orange. Price: $28.00

Isalean Shakes

This is a meal replacement drink that includes; Vitamins, Sugar, a blend of whey and casein protein each serving contains 23 grams protein, 27 grams carbohydrates, 5 grams fat, and 16 grams of sugar. Flavors Include; French Vanilla, Natural chocolate, natural vanilla, strawberry cream, creamy dutch chocolate, chocolate mint. Price: from$39.00 to $66.00

Ionix Supreme

This is a blend of herbs, sugars, and vitamins in liquid form for energy and improved mental performance. Flavor: Natural Fruit. Price: $42.67

Cleanse For Life Drink

This is a blend of aloe vera, herbs, B vitamins and sugar for detoxification, metabolism and immune system boost. Flavor: Natural rich Berry. Price: $42.67

Isagenix Snacks

Chewable wafers that contain a protein, sugar, electrolytes and other ingredients. Flavor: Natural wild berry. Price: $32.00

Isa Flush

This is an herbal and mineral blend containing magnesium in capsule form. Improves nutrient absorption and balances the digestive system. Price: $22.67

Pros And Cons Of Isagenix Shakes


Isagenix comes as packaged food with a set of instructions, this does not only save cooking or preparation time as the food is already processed and ready to eat it is also very convenient, and people that find it hard to make their dietary plans can simply follow the instructions, easy.

Not only does Isagenix products provide healthy nutrients, but money can also be made by selling and introducing people to it as well.


In as much as Isagenix make up for the required nutrients the body needs, it is not real food and no matter how hard scientists and biologist try there are no substituting nutrients that come from whole foods.The products can be quite expensive.

The final food products from Isagenix have undergone several processes and contain lots of sugar and additives.

The instructions that come with Isagenix products are strictly meant for their products. It does not educate on how to correctly eat healthy foods or the right amount of foods to be consumed once the schedule has elapsed.


In as much as Isagenix shakes and the product helps achieve the desired effect, healthy natural foods remains the best option. Isagenix products tend to lean more towards busy working-class professionals or sports professionals. Inculcating Isagenix products into one’s lifestyle will be quite expensive and not advisable. Isagenix products should be sought for when a set dietary goal needs to be accomplished within a set time frame.

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