Herbalife Weight Loss Pills – Does It Work?

If you haven’t heard of Herbalife then you’ve surely been living under a rock. The company is renowned for making some of the most sought-after supplements in the world of healthcare.

Weight loss is an issue that many people, around the world, complain about. It is quite difficult to lose excess weight and keep it from coming back on. But with the use of supplements, a person can successfully cut down on weight and develop a lean body. One such weight loss pill is offered by Herbalife.

What Is Herbalife Weight Loss Pills?

Herbalife has on offer a weight loss pill that promises to enhance metabolism and boost energy levels. The company also states that the supplement promotes alertness, owing to the presence of a combination of tea extracts. One point worthy of noticing here is that the pills contain quite a bit of caffeine, which is unusual for weight loss pills.

Herbalife Weight Loss Pill Ingredients

As is the case with most weight loss pills, Herbalife makes use of a blend of natural ingredients that have been proven to assist with weight loss and induce rapid fat loss. Its core ingredients are a mixture of teas including green, black and oolong tea, all native of Asia and well known for their weight loss properties.

Along with the teas, there is also ginger root, which is known for its digestive properties.

The pills contain a powerful anti-oxidant ingredient in the form of pomegranate rind. Although the company does not explicitly mention why these specific ingredients have been added in, these appear to be the most likely reasons.

The pills also contain caffeine that promotes alertness and energy.

How Does Herbalife Weight Loss Pills Work?

The best way to gauge a product’s success or failure is by assessing its reviews, and as far as reviews for Herbalife weight loss pill goes, there seems to be a mixed response. There are many positive reviews as well as negatives ones in pretty much a 1:1 ratio. This makes it a bit confusing to understand whether the pills deliver on their promise or fail. But it is safe to assume that the natural products can work their magic on the body, If the pills are administered in the right dosage and on a regular basis.

Herbalife diet pills

What Are Herbalife Weight Loss Pill Benefits?

Weight Loss

Weight loss happens to be the pill’s main benefit, as claimed by the company. The pills are advertised as weight loss pills, so it is expected to help people shed excess weight.


It might be unfair to call the product as multi-vitamin pills as they only contain a blend of teas, pomegranate and caffeine. Thus, it would be best to call them anti-oxidant pills as a majority of the ingredients are known to be rich in anti-oxidant properties.

Energy Levels

The presence of caffeine in higher doses makes it ideal to leave you with lots of energy. Caffeine can not only increase your physical energy but also enhance mental alertness.

Herbalife Weight Loss Pills Side Effects

As you know, no supplement is free from side effects and Herbalife weight loss pills are no different. They contain caffeine, which can lead to some issues.

Especially in people who are sensitive to it. The company warns of some side-effects including insomnia, rapid heartbeats and a lapse in concentration. There are also possibilities of dehydration and tremors owing to the high caffeine content. These side effects might increase if the pills are taken in combination with caffeinated drinks. It is best for diabetics, people with high blood pressure, pregnant women and those under 18 years of age. It is advisable to avoid consuming the pills late in the evening or at nights as that might lead to insomnia.

Herbalife Weight Loss Pills Price & Customer Review

The pills are available on at $34 for 90 pills. As mentioned earlier, there seem to be mixed reviews for the product. It has a score of 3.5/5 on, which is fairly good for a weight loss pill. Positive reviews mention a boost in their energy levels and control in appetite. Negatives include the likes of staying up all night owing to the caffeine content and being sick. There seem to be a string of positive reviews on the Herbalife website that are countered by negative reviews.


It is tough to conclude as to whether the pills can deliver on their promise or not. Since the company does not mention the full list of ingredients, it is difficult to contemplate if the pills contain ingredients that genuinely offset weight loss.

Another aspect to ponder over is the use of everyday ingredients that are no different from what some of the other weight loss pills available in the market contain. It is best to wait for more reviews and research on these pills to comment on whether they truly deliver on their promise of weight loss or fail.

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