GNC Lean Shake Review: All Things You Need to Know

Weight loss is a battle fought by millions of people both young and old. Often times, people find it hard to fight their battles alone, that’s why they seek the help of these products, which can be a useful aid for losing extra pounds. However, there are tons of fraudulent weight loss products out there so the consumer is reminded to always stay alert and keep their health in check. In this article, you will be able to learn about weight loss supplement: GNC Lean Shake that has grown so popular among its user for its wonderful results.

The Origin of GNC Lean Shake

GNC (General-Nutrition-Centers) is a very popular series of supplement stores which has thousands of sites in the US & stores in 50 other countries throughout the world. Since they have their individual stores & factories, their merchandises are identified for being rather inexpensive & crowd-pleasing. GNC, the enterprise which promoted Total Lean Shake, has been operating for decades. GNC has been within the business as far as 1935.

What is GNC Lean Shake?

GNC-Lean-Shake happens to be a weight-loss-supplement (chocolate & vanilla flavor) which assists build lean-muscle-mass & raises metabolism. These shakes were invented to help people striving with weight-loss to eat a large number of vitamins & minerals while using a small number of calories & thereby assist in achieving their weight loss efforts.

How Does GNC Lean Shake Work?

GNC Lean Shakes assist users to experience steady weight loss by encouraging to curb the number-of-calories eaten each day. Weight-loss is achieved by an easy equation which needs that the overweight person eat fewer calories compared to what their bodies burn within a day. By replacing 1 or 2 meals every day-with-a-GNC Lean Shake, users may simply increase the odds which their daily caloric consumption will be less compared to their daily caloric burn, thus following in progressive weight loss.

GNC Lean Shake

GNC Lean Shakes Ingredients

GNC Lean Shakes constitutes a diversity of ingredients which are designed to promote digestive well-being, suppress appetite & monitor energy output. The constituents in-a-GNC-Lean Shake are as follows:

Many of the ingredients incorporated in the-GNC-Lean-Shake have been reliably proven to improve digestive health & regularity.

What Does It Cost?

The price of weight-loss meal-replacement-shakes is usually a factor. You will find the following costs on the-GNC-Lean-Shake Reviews:

  • 1.69 lb can $39.99
  • 12 pack-premixed-bottles $29.99
  • 1.83 lb can $34.99

GNC additionally offers a subscription alternative, with automated delivery. This alternative lessens costs by 10% gets you free shipping. There’re likewise specials & sales on the instant, both online & in stores.

GNC Lean Shakes Pros & Cons


  • Highly comfortable as it doesn’t need much preparation & can be carried for eating on the go.
  • It’s an excellent source of low-calorie diets
  • 9-grams of protein & over 20+ minerals & vitamins
  • Comes having a money-back warranty
  • Includes low sugar & calories that help you cut weight and at the same time keep your blood-sugar-levels manageable.
  • Limits you from awkward eating by ensuring you’re full all day.
  •  Diversity of Flavors
  • Contains easy-to-absorb proteins. In relation to other hard foods, the proteins present in this meal shake becomes digested fast.


  • Aftertaste & chalky taste from few of the flavors
  • Few of the flavors don’t taste like the real flavor
  • Artificial ingredients like the sweetener dextrose are sometimes found
  • May require to add more than the prescribed scoops to have good consistency & thickness.


For the sake of this argument, you may be looking to add on 10 pounds of lean muscle. You’ve got your workout plan sorted out and your taking daily meals but need some extra nutrition to offer you the edge. Well, it’s highly recommended that you look into GNC whey protein shakes and perhaps adding some creatine to your diet too. Moreover, this article has provided you with the information concerning all you require to know about the GNC-Lean-Shake.

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