Ellen DeGeneres Launches Baby Lifestyle Brand

Ellen DeGeneres already as a lifestyle brand and shoe collection—now she’s launching a baby lifestyle collection with Buy Buy Baby, a brand will have items such as furniture, strollers, and apparel.  

Degeneres has no children of her own, but is no stranger to what babies need and love, like swaddling, love, and kindness. With those priorities in mind, she designed the baby collection Each piece is special, whimsical, and fun. 

PEOPLE magazine spoke with the TV host about the collection and how she was inspired her to explore the baby niche.  

She explained that a lot of the clothing from her adult lifestyle collection shrunk in the dryer and she realized how cute the pieces would look on babies. 

A lot of her inspiration came from her adult clothing line and got a lot of advice from her friends who have children. Her main takeaway? Everything needs to be machine washable.  

If you’re curious what her favorite pieces are, she told the magazine that baby socks are cute, they make her want to have a baby, just to see their tiny feet in the tiny socks. She then joked that she was told that’s not a good enough reason to have a baby. (It isn’t.)  

Degeneres advises that a great gift for new or soon-to-be moms is the Love crib, which is a beautiful, dark wood, rustic-looking crib with squirrels and other critters imprinted.  

The ED Ellen DeGeneres baby lifestyle collection launches on Wednesday and will be available online and in stores.  


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