Creamy berry parfait

Hull and wash the strawberries and divide in half.
Mash the one-half of strawberries and slice the other half and mix both halves together. Soften the cream cheese with the back of a fork and add the cream. Using an electric beater beat the mixture until smooth.Fold in the 2 tablespoons compote and 2 tablespoons syrup. (If you can’t find berry and rose compote, another type of berry compote will do. A good quality berry preserve would work well. If it is too thick add a dash or two of boiling water to make the mixture a bit thinner as you want a slow pouring consistency.)Place the cookies in a food processor and blitz until fine with a few chunks visible. (Or place in a sandwich bag and bash with a rolling pin)

Divide the cookie crumbs equally between 4 – 6 glasses.
Top with half of the cream filling.
Top with the strawberries
Top with the rest of the cream filling
Cover each glass with plastic wrap and let it chill in the fridge for at least 1 hour
Top each parfait with a teaspoon of compote and serve
Serves 4 – 6.

Recipe reprinted with permission of Hein Stirred. To see more recipes, please click here.

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