CBD Skin Care: What to Know?

Creams and lotions with CBD for skincare are becoming more common. Despite its rising popularity, CBD-infused products may still raise some eyebrows. Would you want to learn more about these items? Well, stick around because this article will help you clear any doubt.

Drugstores and supermarket shelves have been flooded with skincare products over the last few years. In the past, a medicine branch devoted mainly to females is now understood as paramount for both men and women (and non-binary people). There is a wide array of reasons for why this might be happening.

The climate crisis and global warming generate higher and higher temperatures, which can be seen in the headlines that we’ve broken the hottest year in history, year after year. Apart from the extreme heat we increasingly face, pollution levels are soaring. This dangerous combination results in more cases of people suffering skin conditions such as dry skin.

CBD and Skin Care

Dermatologists say that they are giving more appointments to male patients than ever. Their medical specialty has long stopped being considered only as a cosmetic issue. Fewer men are losing their shame in looking after their bodies. The realization is that our skin deserves attention, and periodic check-ups have struck many. Whatever the reason, the demand for skincare products has skyrocketed.

A lot of new labels have begun to appear among lotion bottles. Some examples are the “cruelty-free” label, which indicates the product hasn’t been tested in animals, or the “gluten-free” one, specially designed for gluten intolerant users, to whom wheat-derived ingredients may provoke side effects.

I’m talking, of course, of that little leaf that’s highlighted upfront. No, it doesn’t mean “Made in Canada.” That green hemp leaf is used in skincare products that contain CBD, a chemical that can be found in the marijuana plant. The cultivation of cannabis plants is still filled with controversy (and products that have ingredients derived from them) for medical benefits.

Too many news outlets spend countless hours debating whether it should be legalized everywhere or banned altogether. The goal of our buying guide is to give a quick lesson on CBD for the skin. Keep reading to find all the information you need before deciding to drop some money in your hemp-infused balm.

How Does CBD Interact With The Body?

Before we begin to explain what CBD does when it comes in contact with your body, we need to make sure the concept of CBD is clear. This may sound a bit obvious or repetitive for some, but not everyone is yet “riding the wave.” If you are already a connoisseur, you can skip the next paragraph.

CBD is the abbreviation for the word “cannabidiol.” This is one of the 60 chemicals that are found in marijuana. Despite what you may initially think, no, it doesn’t have a psychoactive effect. Consuming CBD will not cause hallucinations or delusions. The compound responsible for weed is THC, which most skincare products that have CBD are free of. Those that do have some are in tiny amounts, which does not affect you.

With that bit of “scientist” explanation out of the way, let’s get right to it. CBD skincare products such as moisturizers, masks, etc. use CBD pain relief oils as an active ingredient in their formulas. Several scientific studies have (and continue to) prove the potential benefits of CBD may have in our bodies.

Some of the ailments and illnesses it may help:

  • Mental disorders, such as anxiety, stress, PTSD
  • Chronic pains
  • Epilepsy

In addition to that list, as new research takes place, other benefits are discovered regularly. CBD can even help you to have a sound sleep at night. As the demand for CBD oil grows, more funding is allocated to investigate it.

Does CBD Help With Skincare?

CBD skincare

New findings have shown that our dermic system might benefit hugely from the amino acids and antioxidants in hemp oil. The vast majority of skin-related problems and diseases are linked to imbalance. Despite the need for more extensive research, we can conclude on what we know so far. A series of common skin conditions might be cured or have their symptoms eased by the use of cannabidiol found in CBD products for skincare. Some of them are:

  • Dry skin: The antioxidants in hemp oil can help to keep skin hydrated. This would prevent or reverse dryness, largely common in people who spend long parts of their day outdoors in low humidity environments.
  • Excessive oil production: CBD oil may help reduce inflammation in the sebocytes, the skin cells that produce the sebum, the segregation responsible for the feeling of having an oily face or back.
  • Acne: Sebum is considered one of the main contributors to acne, so its reduction is essential in getting rid of acne. Moreover, CBD has been proven to aid with controlling the levels at which skin cells grow.
  • Itching: CBD and its anti-inflammatory properties help chronic calm itching.
  • Acne or rashes scars: Researchers have proved that CBD can soothe the pain caused by scars. In addition, wound healing is another one of the effects of CBD, which means that it helps regenerate skin.
  • Aging and wrinkles: Oxidative stress is one of the main factors in the appearance of fine lines that show aging in our skin. The antioxidants found in hemp oil slow this process. Despite all the pros CBD oil has, we must understand that weed isn’t miraculous. Side effects may include the development of a rash.

The FDA advises against using CBD in any form, whether it’s a cream or an oral pill if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Cosmetics, food, and supplements containing CBD are all being investigated by the FDA.
When someone ingests CBD oil through their mouth, it may cause liver damage.

With so much research still pending in this field, it’s unclear whether something similar could happen by rubbing it on your skin. It’s also not sure how much of this oil the body gets (if anything) by consuming it dermally. Before any person incorporates any CBD oil product into their skincare routine, it’s important to read its label and see if you can find reviews online from previous users. If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor.

Other CBD Benefits

Health benefits from the fantastic cannabis plant extract are staggering. We’ve already seen some of the pervasive and disturbing mental disorders and physical illnesses it can help with. However, we could also take into account other benefits that aren’t directly linked to CBD.

Some parts of the US are not suffering from the coronavirus pandemic any longer, and vaccines might very well wipe out any trace of COVID-19 from the country pretty soon. However, a more insidious health concern has raised calls to declare it a national emergency: the opioid crisis.

How using CBD could play a huge part in solving the opioid crisis is two-fold. On the one hand, hemp oil can treat substances for abusive patients in rehab, as it’s been very well documented. On the other hand, the use of CBD for treating chronic pains could prevent people from hooking up on opioids if doctors wouldn’t prescribe them as the only source for pain relief. It could be a matter of time before we see CBD balms being prescribed regularly.

Another huge benefit is that hemp is environmentally friendlier than many other crops. It takes little water to grow, making cannabis Sativa plants great for sowing even in places with droughts such as California (no wonder it’s so popular there). They are also very resistant to insects, which means it isn’t common to use pesticides. These two factors are a win-win for our heating planet and those who won’t consume any artificial goods.

Final Thoughts

Giant corporations have control over the largest share of the skincare market. Nevertheless, products that have the cannabis plant as a source for their main ingredient make room for themselves. This will only continue to grow as time goes by, and for a good reason: the benefits they have are matchless.

Mass production could soon take place. Not so long ago, fast food giants were reluctant to accept (and even financed smear campaigns against) dietary alternatives, such as veganism. Most of them offer veggie and vegan options now that it’s proven profitable. The same can happen with CBD skincare products.

We have more options for skincare products available than ever. Whether you already have a defined set of products for your skincare routine or you’ve never used a lotion in your life, we recommend you don’t miss out on trying some of the items in the market by following our helpful tips.

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