Overview of CBD in the Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

Mental health issues are among the top causes of suicide. A lot of people tend to struggle emotionally and physically. As a result, they end up living in constant fear, worry, and eventually depression. While most of these conditions are managed clinically, you can use CBD. This article offers an overview of anxiety, depression and CBD.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is a common medical condition that is characterized by persistent, excessive, and intense fear. It may make the patient’s day to day activity difficult. This is because it tends to have a “crippling” effect. Constant feeling of fatigue, rapid heart rate, and sweating are all draining. Depression a serious mental issue that affects a person’s mood. It can be mild or chronic. Besides that, it can be short or long-term. The common mental issue affects how the patient feels, thinks, and acts.

What Happens When Depression And Anxiety Mix Together?

When these two conditions end up mixing together, a person ends up with a mental illness. These two conditions commonly occur together. Besides that, they also tend to have similar treatments. Anxiety sometimes occurs as a symptom of depression.

On the other hand, depression can be triggered by anxiety. It’s for this reason that people with anxiety disorders also end up having clinical depression. But even though psychological counseling is important for both, you can treat them with CBD oil.

CBD and Depression

The use of cannabidiol or CBD is quickly growing. Hence it’s important to learn more about CBD and its effectiveness. It has therapeutic benefits. Therefore, it can be a great solution for treating depression. Its anti-depressant properties have a positive impact on the brain. The compound works by increasing the levels of serotonin in the body. Note that when a person is depressed, they have low levels of serotonin.

But by interacting with the serotonin receptors in the brain, CBD helps to improve a person’s emotional well-being. In addition to that, this compound improves an individual’s emotional state and feeling of happiness.

CBD and Anxiety

Several research studies indicate that CBD can actually help to treat anxiety. For starters, this compound has anti-anxiety properties. Evidence suggests that it works by changing the way blood flows into different parts of the brain. It particularly targets those sections that are linked to feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety and Depression

Overall, it’s a promising solution for various types of anxiety. They include panic disorder, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. In addition to that, you can use it to treat PTSD. However, current research reports simply point out CBD’s role in treating short-term anxiety. So, there is still a need to establish its long-lasting effects.

How Can You Consume CBD for Anxiety?

You can purchase CBD oil in many forms. However, the best CBD oil products for anxiety are usually for oral intake. They include CBD edibles, vape oil, and tinctures among others. If you are suffering from anxiety, here is how you can use these products.

  • Tinctures & Oils

CBD oils and tinctures provide an effective way of taking CBD. They are quick and easy to use. Additionally, it’s very easy to get an accurate dosage. Tinctures and oils are usually taken with droppers. This allows users to easily measure intake.

You need to place a few drops of the tincture or oil below the tongue. Wait for a few minutes for it to enter the bloodstream sublingually. Note that the effects of these products can start within 10 minutes of intake. As a result, they are great at minimizing the symptoms of social anxiety.

  • Edibles

CBD edibles are among the most popular oral products. This is because it’s possible to add the organic compound in multiple products. Common edibles include gummies, candies, cookies and even quality CBD Capsules. Although the effects of CBD edibles take long to kick start, they also last for long in the body.

  • CBD Vaping

Vape pens and vape oil provide a faster way of taking CBD. The user needs to only inhale the CBD vapor to get the benefits of this chemical compound. However, vaping is not recommended. In fact, it has come under intense scrutiny at the moment. This is because vape oil contains other compounds that can turn to be cancerous.

Possible Side Effects

Inhaling CBD or taking it orally can result in serious side effects. This is because this compound can interact with certain drugs. Besides that, it can result in certain allergic reactions. Possible side effects of CBD include:

  • Changes in weight and appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dry mouth

Note: this organic compound can also increase the chances of liver toxicity. Those who have liver and kidney complications should also avoid using CBD oil products.


Anxiety is a medical condition that’s now affecting millions of people. Its spread is increasing rapidly across the population. The fast pace of life and pressure to attain goals within a certain time-frame have all increased instances of anxiety.

CBD is still one of the best alternatives for treating this health issue. The best CBD oil contains anti-anxiety properties. The calming and relaxing effect it provides makes it a perfect remedy for all types of anxiety. The best thing about this compound is that it’s versatile enough. So, it’s available in many forms to cater to your preferences.

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