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Breakfast Hash Recipes Loaded With Vegetables

According to the latest research, diets that are rich in vegetables are very healthy and are associated with declined incidences of heart diseases. As a result, breakfast hashes have become most popular dishes; they are not only delicious and versatile but also pretty healthy. It is easy to load up with veggies, making it suitable diet for you to start your day in a superb way. Breakfast hashes, is the best way of making use of your leftover vegetables or meat that you really don’t want to go to waste. You can play around with your ingredients and recipes to come up with different delicious hashes, but here are 7 delicious and creative veggie-packed breakfast hashes for you.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Kale Breakfast Hash

If you are feeling super lazy and need healthy and delicious breakfast hash rich in essential nutrients and vitamins, then this recipe is the best for you. With eggs, it’s the healthiest way to supply your body with sufficient proteins as well as healthy carbs for energy, giving you the much-needed energy to handle your day’s activities. This recipe is easy to prepare.

Root Vegetable Hash Egg Skillet

Hash Skillet is not only the best breakfast but also a lovely dish for your lunch; it only takes 30 minutes to make it ready. This breakfast hash is full of eggs, herbs and root vegetables. You can add chopped greens for example broccoli, collards or kale, to make it tastier. You can also, use parsnips and sweet potatoes instead of potatoes and carrots to add more flavor.

Greens and Sweet Potato Hash

Greens and Sweet Potato Hash offer the best way to start your day. This dish is full of colorful veggies making your breakfast sweeter and more attractive. Likewise, this dish is rich with fiber with sustaining protein, making it a healthy and energetic breakfast hash, suitable to keep your morning fresh.

Sweet Potato & Brussels Hash

To prepare this nutritious and very delicious breakfast hash you will need to have Olive oil, a potato, Brussels sprouts, non-stick cooking spray, Pepper and eggs and you are ready to go. This dish takes a very short time to prepare it, considering it simple recipe you can easily be able to make a delicious breakfast within a short time even if it is your first time.

Grilled Corn Summer Breakfast Hash

Grilled Corn Summer Breakfast Hash is full of sweet, juicy and soft peppers and onions with crispy potatoes, making it not only delicious but also nutritious. The best part of this dish is that it has a caramel kernel that makes the veggies taste like candy, thus making this dish one of the commonest break hashes among a majority of people.

Butternut Squash Breakfast Hash

This recipe is perfect; it is a healthy and tasty breakfast that you can prepare with whatever you have. To prepare it you are supposed to cook whatever in your skillet with spices and herbs, and top it all with some eggs, pour some coffee and enjoy it in your sofa. It is easy to cook, and gets ready within a very short time. This dish can also be great for dinner too.

Southwest Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

This breakfast comprises of a wide range of nutrition and although energetic. It’s amazingly energizing, making it a perfect breakfast hash for a busy day, it will not give you post-brunch drowsiness. Instead, it will fuel you far into your busy day. This dish is tasty and well-balanced, if you want to have a special breakfast in your home, Southwest Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash is the way to go.

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