Best CBD Oil for Pain: Top Brands In 2021

The pharmaceutical pain killer market is already shrinking owing to the rising popularity of CBD oils as an alternative. Yes, you heard it right. A lot of companies have come up in recent years manufacturing CBD oil for a variety of usage scenarios one among them being pain management and many people have since shifted from habit-forming pain pharmaceuticals to CBD oil for pain relief. CBD oils are hailed by many users for their side effects-free nature and their effectiveness in managing chronic pain. In this article, we will guide you on what to look at before buying, the top brands, and how to use CBD oils for the best results.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol oil, or simply CBD oil, is a type of oil derived from cannabis plants and then diluted with solvent oils like hemp seed oil or MCT oils. CBD oils are normally extracted from cannabis plants containing not more than 0.3% of the intoxicating THC compound and therefore do not cause the ‘high’ associated with marijuana use.

What to Look Before Buying CBD Oil?

Once you are set to make your first purchase, there are several things you will need to consider to make sure you get the best CBD oil.

State Laws

Although CBD is legal federally, some states have restrictions on the percentage amount of THC that CBD products can contain and it is, therefore, important to know the regulations in your state. Federally, 0.3% is the highest THC content allowed in CBD products but in states where recreational cannabis is legal, this limit could be higher –normally up to 0.5%.

The Content

You don’t want a product laden with filler materials and you should, therefore, be keen to check the ingredients listed if any. The absence of a list of ingredients raises a red flag and nobody should advise you to buy such a product. Some brands have gone a step further to add ingredients that carry along additional health benefits while others add substances known to be potentially harmful. You should always look up any ingredients you don’t seem to understand on the internet before closing a purchase.

The Type of CBD in the Product

Like we mentioned before, hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states but marijuana-derived CDB is only legal in a handful of them where recreational marijuana is permitted by law.

CBD Isolate, full-spectrum DCB, and broad-spectrum CBD are key terms you will need to understand as they represent the different CBD forms by way of how they are processed. CBD isolate is that which has been extracted from the hemp plant and then carefully isolated from all other cannabinoids including THC resulting in 99% pure CBD. Full-spectrum CBD refers to full plant extract of the hemp plant including traces of THC, fatty acids, and other compounds that increase potential health benefits. Broad-spectrum CBD is CBD extracted and hemp plant and all traces of THC removed without affecting other natural compounds occurring in cannabis.

What Are Other Users Saying?

Users will always comment on products they have had experiences with and especially bad experiences are rarely forgiven. Consider treading reviews as a way of getting more information on what a product can achieve or cannot achieve.

What is Your Budget?

It is always good practice to have a budget for any type of shopping and CBD shopping is not exceptional. Work within your budget and avoid bad shopping habits.

Best CBD Oil for Pain

Here we will narrow down to a list of what we consider the best CBD oil for pain relief based on the above criteria.



FAB is a young company providing a variety of  CBD oil in a variety of forms from tinctures, topical creams, vape oils, gummies, and pet care. FAB’s CBD oil drops come in citrus, mint, natural, berry, and vanilla flavors to choose from.

Key Feature:

  • High quality, value for money, and a wide selection of products.


  • FAB CBD products are natural, extracted from organically grown hemp and the third party tested Colorado hemp.
  • They are GMO-free and vegan-friendly.
  • FAB provides both full-spectrum and isolates CBD.
  • High quality at a fair price.
  • Their third-party lab reports are available publicly which shows their high level of transparency.
  • FAB CBD oils are highly available since they are packed in small incremental quantities and anybody can buy them.


  • Isolate chews not available
  • The packaging could have been better

Nuleaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals Oil

Nuleaf naturals have been in existence since 2014 providing customers with full-spectrum CBD oil drops.

Key Feature:

  • 100% natural


  • 100% natural
  • High availability


  • Low product selection
  • Does not provide edibles
  • No isolates


CBDfx Oil

If you are a choice freak, you will like CBDfx for the variety of choices they give you. Their products come in the form of gummies, CBD cream, vape pens, tincture oils, CBD drinks, and vape juice. Oh and they bare also selling CBD face masks and CBD pet care products.

Key Feature:

  • Wide product selection


  • Extensive product selection of full-spectrum CBD
  • Third-party lab tests available and therefore highly transparent.
  • Natural and vegan-friendly ingredients
  • Available online and on local retailers


  • No THC free options
  • No broad-spectrum varieties
  • Some of the hemp used is imported from Europe
  • Capsules and tinctures contain MCT oils and may not be good for people with coconut allergies

Try The CBD

Try the CBD Oil

Try the CBD offers a variety of products including gummies, vape juice, CBD isolate, capsules, tinctures, vape pens and cartridges, balms and gels.

Key Feature:

  • Offers both full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate.


  • Locally grown hemp.
  • It offers both full-spectrum and isolates.
  • Wide selection of products.


  • No broad-spectrum varieties are available.

Royal CBD

Royal CBD Oil

Royal CBD is a young company devoted to quality rather than quantity or variety. They have a very small selection of high products.

Key Feature:

Extracted through gold standard extraction methods.


  • Gold standard extraction method.
  • Quality at a fair price.
  • Extracted from natural non-GMO hemp.


  • Low product selection.
  • No isolates CBDs.

How to Use CBD Oil for Best Result?

Usually, newcomers to this field will struggle to strike a balance on how well to benefit from CBD for pain alleviation or control. However, this is one of the CBD concepts that are easy to understand especially on a personal level. You will first need to understand what type of pain you are controlling and which part of your body is most affected. This will help you determine the most appropriate form of CBD to take. For example, there are situations where the application of balm on part of your skin will be effective than vaping or using CBD oil drops. This may be the case when you are controlling joint pain or menstrual cramps.

“Too much is not always good”. Although the side effects of CBD range from mild to none, it is advisable that you only take small amounts in one sitting. Doing so consistently will train your body and ensure you get the best results. It is also worth noting that ingestible CBDs can stabilize your condition throughout the day when taken in small amounts at different time intervals while balms and vaporizers can provide immediate, short-lived relief.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take in a Day?

Unfortunately, there is no universal recommended daily intake or recommended dosage. People react differently to CBD due to the differences in age, body weight, body metabolism, genetics, and consistency of use among other factors. It is always advisable that you start with low amounts of less than 25 mg and then increase gradually depending on its effectiveness in your specific situation. For instance, you may choose to take 5mg of CBD oil 2 times a day and then increase the dosage gradually every few days until you are satisfied. If you notice that high dosages hurt your situation, you should decrease the dosage gradually until you find a balance.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil?

There are numerous online stores where you can buy CBD oil and other related products and get them delivered to your doorstep. According to dmagazine.com, The first choice should be from the manufacturer of a certain brand of CBD that interests you.

While buying from the manufacturer will give you a guarantee of quality and originality, the manufacturers may be a long distance from where you live. So, buy CBD oil online and enjoy its pleasant customer protection policies and fast delivery. An easy search on the internet may as well lead you to a retailer near you.


There are different varieties of CBD oils in the market today. Some companies provide the oils with added flavors while others may have added ingredients some of which may be beneficial to your health. It is always important for you to research any unfamiliar items you find on the ingredients list. If you are concerned with the quality of what you are buying then the manufacturer of your favorite CBD should be your seller. Reputable sellers like amazon should be the first alternative source of your CBD oils while that gas station near you should be the last option. Remember “too much is not is not always good”.

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