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310 Shake Vs Quest Shake: Which One is Right for You?

Both 310 Nutrition and Quest Nutrition have been leading names in the diet and nutrition department. They are thought to be really beneficial when it comes to providing you with the nutrition you need during your workout sessions – but are both as effective?

You may be gulping down glasses of shakes per day but did you know there are major differences between these products?

Yes, both of them are shakes, but they are consumed for different purposes.

Let’s start with the names of their products and what they do.

310 Shake Vs Quest Shake

310 and quest shakes are meal replacement options – you can safely skip your meal and replace them with it. Ideally, the shakes contain the required calories and protein to keep you going through the day.

Additional vitamins and minerals also come handy to meet your nutritional requirements.

Protein shakes, on the other hand, are not to be replaced with meals. You take them for the extra boost of protein after a workout or in the normal course of the day.

They may pack some vitamins and nutrients to go along with the protein.

Now let’s see whether both the shakes do what they are meant to!

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Nutritional Values

310 Shake packs 90 calories per serving (24.5g) with 15g protein. A scoop (31g) of Quest Protein Powder comes with 110 calories coupled with 23g protein.

Weight loss shakes are geared towards weight loss. Fewer calories with adequate protein help satiate hunger keeping you feeling full for longer periods. You lose weight by consuming fewer calories than you burn.

Quest powder surprisingly comes with more calories though the larger serving size needs to be considered. Two servings of the shake daily satiate the daily protein requirement of women which is 46 grams. Along with your meals, it maximizes the results keeping you toned and in shape.

310 Shake also contains 125mg Sodium, 25mg Potassium, 20% calcium and 16 different vitamins and minerals.

Quest gives you 35% calcium, 4% iron and 6% of magnesium (rarely found in protein shakes). But it lacks any performance boosting vitamins found in some other brands.

Both the formulas are fat-free and contain less than 1g sugar.

Satisfaction Level

310 Shake Vs Quest Shake Results

Both the shakes serve the purpose they are meant for. 310 Shakes are low in calories, and the Tri-plex protein profile with Whey derivatives, pea protein and Fibersol 2 suppresses hunger for 3 to 4 hours. The amount of protein (15g) is also much higher than competitors and makes it safe to forget your meal. The high absorption ratio also makes it easy to digest.

Many users have reported a substantial loss in weight after using the product.

Quest Protein Powder takes care of your protein intake and helps build up and repair your muscles. But you must have a balanced meal along with it as it is not a meal replacement option. Being gluten and fat-free, it can be consumed safely with your training.

But it’s not lactose-free and doesn’t contain any digestive enzymes. So it may be a bit difficult for sensitive stomachs.


This is a category where both brands satisfy the taste buds. 310 Shakes have a brand new formula that is creamier and even more delicious than their last, which some stated was bland.

Quest powder is good even with just water. Their website is also full of baking and cooking recipes which taste much better than making a shake.

So which one do I need?

While both weight loss shakes offer great nutrition, the purpose for each is different. Go for 310 Shake if you are looking to replace meals and lose weight. With the fewer calories, great taste and an ever-increasing range of flavors as well as some natural ingredients that have been known to work wonders, you are sure to love this one.

Quest Shake is suitable for the firm and toned physique providing you with a boost of protein intake. It’s something that you could take if you have been going to the gym for years and wanted to build a better physique but it makes no sense to take it daily – especially if you have just started workout out. You should not really take it if your ultimate goal is weight loss.

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